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Europeisk Satellit "Zappa" & Katalog
Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

frekvenser: NSS 7  Europe+Middle East

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2020-02-19 13:57:31spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) no signal

2011-11-28 11:25:53giuseppe2 (42.5N-3.2W,80cm) españa,vitoria señal 69 calidad 58 12673 h 20250 Canal Algeria

2010-11-26 23:11:13med05 (47.3N-19.1E,56cm) Budapest D55cm, 30-40%

2009-10-18 17:15:18elsenordingding (50.2N-5E,90cm) no signal

2009-08-05 17:49:15hsm1 (29.5N-31.3E,240cm) للاسف لايمكن استقبال قناة LC2

2009-03-10 19:09:20oct (41.2N-8.6W,100cm) loud & clear - a very good signal, porto - portugal

2008-09-10 00:37:50Satboy (41.7N-1.3E,100cm) Quite good reception.Sometimes (depending on weather) a bit weak.

2007-11-27 16:54:31semidaraebi (-,90cm) ? can i receive signal in lagos using a 90cm dish

2007-11-06 17:41:08san55mak (-,100cm) ? لااستطيع استقبال الحزمة في اليمن بصحن قطر 100 سم

2007-10-05 14:45:26mpleinon (65.2N-25.4E,88cm) txp:12 strong, other weak..

2006-11-07 14:47:16mbortola (-,0cm) ? je voudrais pouvoir recevoir toutes les chaines ku

2006-10-20 22:13:56mbortola (-,0cm) ? pouvez me dire quel diametre parabole ilfaut pour recevoir correctement le feed 11693 H5632

2006-09-26 22:07:36orf1 (37.3N-5.9W,100cm) Quite good, very good sometimes

2006-09-05 08:57:34mbortola (-,0cm) ? i am in mgadisho Somalia. Latitude, 02 02 N. Longitude, 45 21 E can i recieve the signal of nss7 22.oE using digital reciever and uerostar dish with digital LNP (SUPERMAX)

2006-06-09 23:25:41mbortola (-,0cm) ? Reception from this beam is good in Holland (88cm)

2006-05-04 19:04:58mbortola (-,0cm) ? Variable signal with 100cm and 0.4db LNB

2006-04-28 21:07:05mbortola (-,0cm) ? je suis des comores je cherche les chaines numériques gratuites que je peux capter

2005-10-22 16:02:22mbortola (-,0cm) ? no signal

2005-09-30 17:28:31mbortola (-,0cm) ? Variable signal with 80cm and 0.3db LNB

2005-09-15 00:07:20mbortola (-,0cm) ? medium signal 67%

2005-08-20 20:41:41mbortola (-,0cm) ? no signal

2005-08-03 11:50:10Chezzdevil (42.5N-2.4E,135cm) Moderate reception +73 23 TV & 19 Radio on DB7000 with 0.3 LNB

2005-07-19 13:33:12husein Rahim (-,0cm) ?

2005-07-19 13:17:58husein Rahim (-,0cm) ?

2005-07-08 12:49:38mladenl (-,0cm) Can I get NSS7 from Bosnia with 90 cm dish?

2005-06-19 12:01:46ahmed026 (33.8N-1.8W,100cm) ? im in algeria i receive this sattelite 100% insouth

2005-03-27 18:51:53ronaldo (51.8N-0.2W,110cm) 75% forn most channel signals

2005-02-19 03:00:50 (22.8N-32.5E,255cm) Can I receive signals from NSS7 in Eastern Ethiopia using an 80cm dish?

2005-02-19 02:59:21 (22.8N-32.5E,255cm) Can I receive signals from NSS7 in Eastern Ethiopi using an 80cm dish?

2005-01-20 21:33:48tramora (33.6N-7W,140cm) ok

2005-01-12 21:03:08Many.80 (51.2N-6.1E,110cm) ? Can I recive Nss 7 with a Dich of 80 cm

2004-12-27 14:59:50 (48.2N-17.2E,90cm) ?

2004-12-20 12:32:46davies (22N-3.6E,60cm) ? Can I receive signals from NSS7 in Lagos, Nigeria using a 60cm dish?

2004-12-06 00:19:04HappyZGZ (41.4N-0.5W,120cm) On Humax 5400; P=3% Q=25%; 11.625H SR=3.000@3/4.

2004-10-02 18:47:21Miguel (39.4N-0.3W,85cm) Me voy a volver loco con el motor...

2004-10-02 18:47:13Miguel (39.4N-0.3W,85cm) Me voy a volver loco con el motor...

2004-08-22 23:45:25oscarorf1 (37.2N-5.9W,80cm) Well, but a bit weak

2004-08-22 14:35:30 (45.7N-14.4E,150cm) ?

2004-07-26 02:13:14wozzuup (35.8N-10.6E,180cm)

2004-06-21 14:40:06riadh (25.8N-45.5E,200cm) ? i want to now if we can get nss7 in u ae dubai

2004-06-05 16:08:00Nikos (37.7N-24E,85cm) ? I like to know any reception report for NSS-806 40.5W C-Band, from Athens Greece.

2004-05-23 22:06:56dziri1964 (30.8N-6.4E,100cm) ? pas de signal je ne reçois rien de tous

2003-09-21 11:46:47 (63.2N-10.3E,180cm)

2003-09-12 11:08:05DiM (40.4N-22.7E,80cm) 50-70%

2003-09-11 17:38:48Jacques (45.4N-4.6E,60cm) Très bonne réception du feed CNN

2003-08-24 11:27:21Gaz (52.4N-1.7E,80cm) Good signal

2003-08-15 13:28:35dxn (39.9N-9W,200cm) good reception

2003-06-13 23:58:50UK Midlands (52N-2.2W,100cm) Good signal here

2003-06-10 18:13:37marcal (46.8N-1.9W,90cm) bonne réception

2003-06-02 21:49:31contar (35.9N-33.6E,150cm) ? no signal

2003-05-24 00:18:39duck77 (38.7N-24.2W,180cm) good signal 65%

2003-04-24 19:58:18A.K. (64.4N-31.9E,115cm)

2003-03-18 19:21:32bady (34.2N-3.3E,120cm) ? aucun signal aucune chaines, imposible d'avoir se satellite.

2002-12-12 12:22:37max (34.3N-4.9E,120cm) aucune chaine

2002-10-06 18:04:09xp555 (49.4N-6.1E,80cm)

2002-09-03 18:27:3480cm (65.1N-0.4E,80cm)

2002-08-11 22:54:22csapo (31.9N-34.9E,180cm)

2002-08-11 22:37:24csapo (31.9N-34.9E,180cm)

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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